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Red Caviar – Amazing Nature Delicacy!

Based in Toronto, our virtual shop was funded in 2014 as an answer for demand of quality red caviar among European community in the Greater Toronto Area. We were the first supplier to allow easy and fast order of caviar online, and we have maintained our friendly service through the years, gathering many social followers and hundreds of happy customers. During our growth, we managed to add more products to our store – a few types of domestic and exported black caviar, grade A foie gras produced in Quebec, and more.

Today we ship our high-end products all across Canada – from eastern provinces to British Columbia, our caviar is especially popular in Ontario, Quebec and prairies provinces.

Having an romantic event? Family gathering? Important corporate party? Do not wait, order our amazing delicacies and get it frozen within a few hours straight to your door.

Pay less than in fancy deli store, get better quality!

Are you eager to try new healthy delicacy? Red salmon caviar is surprisingly healthy and its starting to gain popularity. Why? When people hear the word “caviar”, they usually think of high class citizens, spreading a greenish-black delicacy onto a finest craft bread. However, caviar is not available for rich and famous only. In fact, anyone can eat caviar and should eat it because it has many good properties.

Canadian red caviar is harvested roe from different types of salmon: Chum, Wild Pink, Sockeye, Coho King (Spring) and more. When its collected, the roe must be stored in very cold temperatures as the oils in the roe, which make the caviar taste so delicious, will spoil very easily; our caviar makes its way from Alaska or British Columbia in freshly frozen containers.

The taste of red caviar depends on which fish it came from, how it was handled and whether it was collected from wild or farmed fish. The taste is slightly salty and gritty with a semi-mild fishy taste. It is not an overpowering flavor, and can be added to different dishes to add a certain buttery taste. However, it does not have a strong fishy odor and is described as having a lovely ocean breeze smell. Red caviar can be a casual meal or a very formal feast, depending on what you pair with it. For a more casual snack, you could place the caviar on rye bread, or if you would like a more formal dinner, it can be placed on top of gourmet meals as a garnish.

The red caviar is quite a healthy choice. It is high in riboflavin and pantothenic acid, both of which play key role in the human body. It also has a very good source of selenium, which helps the thyroid gland function properly. All of these nutrients can help regulate your metabolism, so you can lose weight or maintain the weight you have. Red caviar also has calcium and phosphorus which are very important for bone and teeth growth. And of course it is a very good source of protein which helps builds muscle and give energy for the day.

The grain of the roe is very important when choosing which caviar type you want. The smaller the grain, the more valuable the caviar. In relation to this, chum salmon caviar is possibly the best type of red caviar you could order. It is said to be sweet in flavor with a mild fishy aftertaste and goes perfectly with salads, soups and on top of crackers.