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Foie Gras


Special duck liver – Foie Gras. Sold in approximately 600 gr packs.

This dish is favorite by the gourmands all over the globe – now on your table in Toronto & GTA!

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Product Description

Foie Gras – a luxury French delicacy made of goose or duck liver. Foie Gras is one of the favorite dishes in French and European cuisines, and naturally popular in Quebec area (the only province that produces this type of food in Canada).

From Quebec farmers to your celebration table – real Foie Gras!

Comes raw & frozen ~600 gr packs, fresh, ready to fry & try.

  • Actual size of the liver may vary from 550 to 650 gr


Foie Gras has a creamy texture and taste, there are hundreds of recipies and many chefs have their own version of this delicacy. But you don’t have to be a french chef to play around and create your own dish – just remember the basics of foie gras preparation – cut, add salt & pepper and fry slices from both sides. Everything else goes on top of it – classic or unique sauces, side dishes, spices, deeps and anything your creativity reaches to. Impress your guests or beloved one with a fancy or romantic meal!


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